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Published Thesis

DM Bose - Science College, Kolkata

JC Bose Institute Lecture Hall, Kolkata

Guest book at the JC Bose Institute, Kolkata

Prof. SC Roy, Editor-in-Chief of the famous journal Science and Culture, Kolkata

Triguna Sen - University of Jadavpur, Kolkata

Dr. R. Singh without Turban - Santorin/Greece

A TERI Scientist

President ESHS and her husband

Birgit Krah, S. Sampuran Singh, Simone Krah and Michael Krah

M. Krah& Secretary Bengal Council of Education, Kolkata

The chair of SN Bose - Bose is known for the discovery of the Bose-Einstein Statistics and Condensat

SN Bose's refrigerator

The Best Student of the Year - see 1974

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